Panel: RV Resident Surveys

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  • Graham J. Pruss, PhD

    Graham J. Pruss, PhD

    Dr. Graham J. Pruss is an anthropologist who studies vehicle residency in North America. His research focuses on the intersection of lived experiences, social services, legal systems, and public policy development. Graham joined the Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative at the University of California San Francisco’s Center for Vulnerable Populations as a Postdoctoral Scholar in 2020, […]

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  • Peggy Lee Kennedy

    Peggy Lee Kennedy

    Peggy is 3rd generation Venice, California resident, daughter of a human and environmental rights family, and co-founder of the Venice Justice Committee in 2001.  The Venice Justice Committee (VJC) monitors,  documents, and exposes human rights violations. VJC documentation has been the evidence for a proud list of civil rights lawsuits. The core VJC focus has […]

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  • Sam Lutzker

    Sam Lutzker

    Sam Lutzker is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at UCLA whose dissertation research examines the rise of vehicle residency and homelessness in the United States, including both residents’ perspectives and attempts by government and civil society groups to resolve “the problem” as divergently understood. As part of the After Echo Park Lake […]

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  • Thomas Knight

    Thomas Knight

    Thomas Knight (he/him) is a member of the Lived Experience Advisory Board of Silicon Valley’s (LEABsv) Executive Committee. He brings a unique blend of corporate IT expertise, nonprofit board experience, and a deep understanding of housing insecurity. After living and working remotely in an RV with his family, Thomas experienced over a year of homelessness […]

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