Peggy Lee Kennedy

Peggy is 3rd generation Venice, California resident, daughter of a human and environmental rights family, and co-founder of the Venice Justice Committee in 2001. 

The Venice Justice Committee (VJC) monitors,  documents, and exposes human rights violations. VJC documentation has been the evidence for a proud list of civil rights lawsuits.

The core VJC focus has been on criminalization: exposing how it harms, who it harms, critiquing the causes, and working for change. 

Since 2014 the Venice Justice Committee has led a free infraction defense clinic for unhoused people with civil rights attorneys. It began conducting surveys in 2021 as a possible tool for change.

The first VJC Vehicle Housed Survey was April 2022 and it was used in a lobby attempt for the population. (See attached) Unfortunately, VJC monitored the area being cruelty swept in January 2023 and the population completely removed or displaced using a special LACity tow operation in August 2023 by new city administration.