URGENT CALL TO ACTION for Colorado Vehicle Residents and Allies

Your Voice Matters! Public Hearing on Proposed Vehicle Removal Ordinance.

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 7

Time: 1 p.m. MT

Location Options:

In Person: In-Person Comment Registration: https://boco.org/InPerson-Ord2023-3

Online via Zoom: Virtual Attendee Link: https://boco.org/BOCC-Ord2023-3 REGISTRATION REQUIRED

By Phone: Call-in information: 1-833-568-8864, Webinar ID: 160 129 7984

Boulder County is on the brink of significant changes with the proposed Ordinance 2023-3, which aims to update and refine the regulations surrounding the removal of vehicles from county roads and property. This proposal includes:

A new definition of “Abandoned Vehicle”

Expanded scope of citable offenses

Graduated penalty schedule

New enforcement processes

This proposal would legally enforce constant displacement of vehicle residents at least 1/8 mi every 72 hours!

Knowledge is power:

Read the Boulder County Commissioners Press Release: https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/COBOULDER/bulletins/37987a0

Read the proposed ordinance for full details: https://assets.bouldercounty.gov/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Ordinance-2023-3-Traffic-and-Parking-Ordinance.pdf

Your input is critical! Whether you reside in a vehicle, are an ally to those who do, or simply a concerned resident, this is your chance to share how these changes could impact your life and community.

This is more than a policy update; it’s about our community’s welfare. Take this opportunity to inform the decisions that affect us all.

Your perspective is invaluable. Let’s ensure it’s heard!

Want to do more?

Please contact all three Boulder County Commissioners:

They have a single e-mail box that enters the public archive and is automatically re-distributed to each commissioner: commissioners@bouldercounty.org