Sonia Davis

Known to her community as “Grams,” Sonia was born in Honolulu Hawai‘i, on the island of Oahu. Of Hawaiian decent, she moved to the island of Molokai in 2nd grade and went to Kilohana School through 10th grade. At 18 she married and moved back to Oahu. Living in Kalihi Valley for 16 years she raised two children. She now has nine grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and is a beloved community member.

Relocating to Maui to escape an abusive relationship, she lived unhoused on and off for decades, and gained respect by meeting many people who have lived on the streets. She helped build community with others by providing much needed kindness and gifting necessary help. “It is really important to help people get shower, sleep and food.”

Although very shy, Sonia actively participates in the Share Your Mana Advisory Committee. Still cautious to trust and share her story, she partners with Share Your Mana to actively use social media to educate community members.

With the leadership of the ACLU HI legal team, Sonia was one of two plaintiffs to challenge the Maui County Administration on Sweeping Encampments and violating residents Civil Rights. In March 2024, the Hawai‘i Supreme Court rendered a favorable verdict acknowledging the County did violate the right to own property, to have a contested case hearing, and to have accurate communication offered on the process.