Queer Nomadism: Exploring Identity, Community, and Belonging

Join us for “Queer Nomadism: Exploring Identity, Community, and Belonging.” In this session, we will explore the unique intersections of queerness and nomadic lifestyles within the LGBTQ+ community. The discussion will cover how being queer intersects with choosing a nomadic life, the challenges and benefits of this lifestyle, and the opportunities for identity expression it provides. We will also discuss the contrast between settled and nomadic trajectories, societal pressures, and the importance of chosen families and queer communities in providing support and a sense of belonging. Through personal stories and examples, we’ll highlight how nomadic spaces can offer acceptance and freedom from societal constraints. In conclusion, we’ll emphasize the significance of queer nomadism in fostering identity exploration and community-building, encouraging continued dialogue and advocacy for queer individuals in the nomadic community. Join us to gain insights and understanding of how queer nomadism shapes identity and belonging.

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Zane Liston

Zane Liston

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