How to Not Lose Everything Due to an Accident

Join Amanda Johnson for an essential presentation on “How Not to Lose Everything Due to an Accident.” Drawing from real-life experiences and practical knowledge, Amanda will provide invaluable insights to help you safeguard your mobile lifestyle.

In this comprehensive session, Amanda will share her personal stories of accidents while on the road, including incidents in Washington and Florida. These experiences underscore the importance of preparation and quick thinking in protecting your vehicle, belongings, and well-being.

She will cover immediate actions to take after an accident, including documentation, contacting law enforcement, and coordinating with insurance. Amanda will offer guidance on handling both injury and non-injury situations and managing vehicle towing.

Post-accident strategies will include finding temporary accommodation, securing rental vehicles, and seeking assistance from local organizations and emergency funds. Amanda will also discuss advocating for yourself with insurance agents and making decisions about vehicle repair or salvage.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Amanda Johnson’s expertise and ensure you are well-prepared to handle any accidents on the road. This session is crucial for anyone living a vehicular lifestyle or planning to transition to one.

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    • Amanda Johnson

      BA in Human Services (Social Work) and Masters of Education: Curriculum &¬†Instruction Amanda is a professional musician, educator, and professional development facilitator that has been a car camper, minivan stealther, and cargo van builder for almost a decade but has been nomadic through her music for over 2 decades. From extensive experience with living in…

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