The National Vehicle Residency Collective (‘Collective’) is a network of people with lived experience, legal experts, and social service providers working to support people living in their vehicles. The overarching goals of the Collective is to uplift the voices of vehicle residents, support their policy advocacy and service goals, and protect their legal rights. Each working group within the Collective will define its own mission, agenda items, and discussion points in line with the broader mission of the entire Collective. To join the Collective, you must agree to community guidelines written below. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your removal from this group.


1. The purpose of Collective meetings and other communication is to:

  • Center the needs of people living in vehicles
  • Discuss criminalization of vehicle residency and related legal issues;
  • Discuss ways to overcome misinformation and community pushback against vehicle residency and related social services;
  • Share relevant documents and information;
  • Brainstorm ideas with other members;
  • Work together to educate the public and advocate on issues pertaining to vehicle residency and related services;

2. Privacy:

  • Information shared within the working group is meant to be shared only with working group members. Do not share any materials provided or information shared within your working group with nonmembers unless given permission from the original person who shared the information/materials.

3. Respect:

  • All viewpoints are treated with respect, even in disagreement. Disrespectful language or behavior has no place in the Collective.

4. Inclusivity:

  • Members of the Collective agree to make every effort to ensure that all voices are heard. Members commit to anti-racism and to uplifting the voices of people from historically oppressed communities in our Collective work.
  1. The information shared in Collective meetings and made available in the Collective’s google drive folder is legal information. It is not legal advice.
  2. Every member of the Collective is responsible for information they decide to share.
  3. Collective members discourage any sharing of information with nonmembers, unless indicated or previously agreed upon. While we cannot guarantee confidentiality, Collective members are required to enter into this agreement to preserve confidentiality to the highest extent possible and to ensure privacy, respect, and inclusivity as described above.