Finding Community on the Road

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  • Dev Nain

    Dev Nain

    Technology leader, Entrepreneur, Nomad Dev Nain is a semi-retired Software Engineering and Operations leader, a certified Cloud Solutions Architect, and has been traveling the continent as a full-time nomad for almost 3 years.  While on the road, he launched a successful consultancy business, Strateus, which is being showcased globally by Amazon Web Services.  As an…

  • Janet Douglas

    Janet Douglas

    Janet Douglas is the steward of Luna Gaia Nomadic Village. The Luna Gaia Nomadic Village is a working community located on 120 acres of land in Chambers, AZ. Their objective is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and mutually beneficial environment for nomads and seekers to learn, earn, teach, grow, build, volunteer, create, inspire, and blend.…

  • Lisa Bernad

    Lisa Bernad

    Lisa is a full-time nomad, artist, and videographer who has worked for decades in the non-profit sector as an advocate, activist, and community builder. She is passionate about nature, creative ventures, and supporting others. Together with a small team, she has created a project called Adventure A Highway, which is a virtual space for community-fueled…