**Call-to-Action** Help Maui Vehicle Residents

As you know, the island of Maui has experienced devastating loss of land, property, and lives due to recent catastrophic fires. Many people are now displaced and living in their cars. This has placed pressure on the already scare support and resources available to this community. The Mayor or Maui has even stated that those living in their vehicles will be prosecuted to the fullest extant of the law.

Local Maui organizer, Lisa Seikai Darcy, of Share Your Mana, is reaching out to the larger vehicle resident community for advice and support

Please watch the following short segments from the monthly meeting to get more details and background on the situation and need to support the Maui vehicle residents:

If you have experience being displaced by a natural disaster or statistics that you can share, please reach out to Lisa at li…@shareyourmana.org.