Brian Zamperini

Brian Zamperini has worked at the U.S. Census Bureau for 20 years.  Brian is a survey statistician in the Special Enumerations Branch in the Decennial Directorate.  He leads projects that develop survey methodology, processes, and procedures for collecting data from people residing in group quarters and transitory locations. During the 2020 Census, Brian was the project manager over the Enumeration at Transitory Locations operation. He started his career at the U.S. Census Bureau working on the state and local government finance surveys and then became project lead over the Quarterly Survey of State and Local Taxes and Quarterly Survey of Property Taxes. 

Brian attended the University of Pittsburgh, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics and a Master of Business Administration at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Brian also holds a Master Certificate in Project Management and a Master Certificate in Business Analysis from George Washington University in Washington D.C.