Join the Collective

Do you have something to offer to the discussion? If you have lived experience, are a service provider (such as safe parking programs) or have legal experience in vehicle residency, you may wish to join one of our working groups.

The purpose of the Collective is to:

  • Center the needs of people living in vehicles: Our work is informed by the issues our members identify. The Collective brings a diverse set of voices to the table and grounds its goals in the lived expertise of vehicle residents.
  • Discuss criminalization and decriminalization of vehicle residency and related legal issues: Governments throughout the country criminalize vehicle residency through citations, fees, vehicle impoundments, and other punitive measures. We are building a movement to protect the civil and human rights of vehicle residents and end this harmful and unproductive practice.
  • Educate the public and advocate on issues pertaining to vehicle residency and related services: Many people have misconceptions about vehicle residency and people who live in their vehicles. We are working to raise awareness and undo those misconceptions through events, social media campaigns, and other avenues.
  • Share resources and best practices: We are always learning from each other. Meetings often include presentations (led by guest speakers or internal members), resource sharing, and opportunities to ask questions and share tips and best practices.

Vehicle Residency Collective members typically join one of three groups based on their lived and professional expertise:

  • Lived Experience Group: People who currently live or previously lived in vehicles.
  • Service Providers Group: Staff from organizations (such as safe parking programs) that provide services to people living in their vehicles.
  • Legal Forum: Lawyers working to defend the legal rights of people living in their vehicles and enable services provided to vehicle residents.

If you’d like to join us, please complete the form below and agree to the terms! Please read the Guidelines and Agreement and only complete the form below if you are willing to agree to these terms.

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